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Hacking Agility with Games!
Sept 21
Oct 12

Address : CoWrks, 5th Floor, Tower A, Building 10, DLF Cyber City, DLF Phase 2, Sector 24, Gurugram, Haryana 122022

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Fun + Unconf = FUnconf

FUnconf is India’s First One day Unconf focused on Gamification for cultivating and fostering Innovation, Collaboration, Hyper-Productivity, Employee Engagement, Agile Adoption/Transformation/Sustenance, Continuous Improvement, Actionable Retrospection, Purposeful Reporting and the list can be endless, but we hope we made some sense with our starting points.

With FUnconf, we want to provide immersive exploration of serious games at work. Games are activities focused on teaching, demonstrating, and improving organizational Productivity, Agility and Effectiveness through fun activities and simulations.

Why should you join?


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

When we were kids, everything was new, and we were always amused to explore it further. We were playful, happy and always willing to give our best to what we were exposed to. As we grew, the choices became more serious, and fun factor shrunk. We stopped enjoying it and that dropped our learning capability and productivity to a great extent.


That’s not it, when Jack was told to change the way he was working, he freaked out, as “CHANGE” is scary. Many a time the very idea that something has to change brings our guards up, and we resist everything proposed. This can delay and sometimes derail the whole transformation dream for any organisation.


The solution is - Non-threatening Enrolment! 


But how to achieve that?


Happy path is - Gamification. 


Gamification helps people cut loose their inhibitions and open up to new ideas. It increases their receptiveness and engagement. Other by-product of Gamification is Happiness, Unlearning, Unwinding and Innovation.

If you have some fun ideas, be our Gametender, and get a free pass to FUnconf. Here are some ideas that you can propose games on:

  • Games or Activities to help participants learn concepts
  • Ice-breakers to engage audience
  • Warm up or an Energizer to raise the level of energy or get their attention back
  • Facilitation techniques that you can use in your daily work
  • Team building exercises that fosters collaboration and self organization
  • Game design session where you invent a new game to teach something new
  • Coaching techniques
  • Visual facilitation, involving sketching and doodling
  • Fun and energetic time with dancing, singing or being silly together


As a byproduct, you will see a tremendous improvement in your facilitation and communication skills, ability to accompany change in your organization. It will also foster your creativity and improve your capacity to innovate.

Involvement through games

It is so easy to forget what we are told. We may remember what we see but we can never forget what we are involved in.

The best way to bring about learning is by creating an experience. When we experience something, our social, mental, emotional and physical capabilities work collectively and make the effect produced a long lasting one.

Through gamification we create experiences that will stay with us forever and change the way in which we perceive situations and handle responsibilities.

So let’s be a part of this revolutionary way of learning. Let us unwind and enjoy games that will enrich us manifold.